Philosophorum The Amber Isle

Philosophorum is an island to the west of Kaiken. Their is an incredibly lush forest surrounding known as the Thicket of Evenings, for the sap and amber that emits from these trees produces a dull glow that makes the island pop out from a distance. Philosophorum was once called the lighthouse of the stretch, for it can be seen from miles and miles away with its radiant glow. Within Philosophorums deepest forest however, the ruins of a once powerful civilization lays rest

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The city was once home to High elves, the city itself was beautiful and gleamed with a golden light, but the color has faded and has returned itself to nature. The city was destroyed by a wood elf shaman, disgusted with the destruction of the Thicket in favor of building the city more. The Thicket now overtakes the city and has a deep connection with the faewild. no one dares harm even a leaf within Philophourom out oif fear that the spirit of the shaman might unleash their ire on them.

High Elves are normally higher in positions of government, while wood elves tend to make up the military aspects of the government. However, on the Council of Prefects, their is an elf of each type representing their race, along with an Aran, who is considered the King of Philosophorum, and the Elves

Their is a small monetary to the north of the island dedicated to the fae goddess Verweirun, Clerics travel here as a stop of pilgrimage and leave offerings to her here. Philosophorum is also a hotspot for adventurers, who wish to seek out ancient treasures that the High Elven city my hold.

Philosophorum The Amber Isle

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