Elves Elves ELVES! Elves are magical race of biped fairy people with long noses and pointed ears. All elves have a bit of a connection the the feywild, not nearly as much as Plantfolk from Halintar, but a good bit. Elven society use to be very secluded back in the days of old, but in the past 5 centuries elves have started coming out of their shells and you'd be hard pressed to not find a couple of elves in any major city in Kaiken. An Elf is naturally inclined with magic and is a bit of an elitist, but they love hanging out with people and care about the course of the world quite a bit these days.

Elves have three major features that separate them from most races, their pointed ears, their dark sclera and their rather long noses. The elves of Kaiken are also a bit taller then many humanoid races, ranging from about 5'8 to 6'2. Elves have a natural beauty to them that is fawned after by many other races, and it's for that reason that Elves are the targets of cruel slaver from across the world for their beauty. 

High Elves have peachy to olive skin and light hair colors. This variant of elf lives much longer than any other race on the stretch, up to 500 years old, although they mature at the same rate humans do, they keep a youthful appearance until they hit their 400s, where their bodies start to show signs of age, which rampantly increases. People have speculated that the fae blood must have run dry at this point which is why the age so rapidly once they hit 400. This rapid aging process is called Faederma, and it effects many beings with ties to the faewild like elves.

Wood Elves has darker skin, akin to sicillians, they have markings on their faces that are dependent on what type of purpose they serve, or what they think looks cool, and they change through three stages of life, childhood, adulthood, and elder. Wood Elves have red to white hair. A stereotype about them is that they tend to have bush eyebrows and don't care to groom their beards, and until recently, were considered dirty elves by most races as a type of insult. Wood Elves aren't free from the occasional scar or mark, as they are much more active in adventuring and druids. Wood Elves care less for extraneous goods, and more for efficiency, although they can't help but want to look good from time to time.





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